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A.D.R.A.O. International school, a citadel of learning came to being on the 1st of July 1963 to provide relevant meaningful and functional education for the nation and fulfillment of her products. The energy put into its establishment and operation can best be explained by looking at the biography and the enigmatic personality of the Founder Chairman  late (Mrs. Abimbola Da-Rocha Afodu Omoloulu-Mulele).

A.D.R.A.O. International school aims to provide a broad-based education, balancing academic  and social growth and fostering the development of each student as a growing, learning person, able to embrace change while retaining fundamental values.  The School  aims to improve the learning outcomes of all students. 

Why enrol at ADRAO


A.D.R.A.O. International school is an International School with a difference. For over 50 years we have been providing a high quality education in Nigeria. A.D.R.A.O. is a multinational school with students coming from different parts of the world. That is why the school makes use of the American, British and French Curricula to accommodate the interest of every student.

 A.D.R.A.O.  is a modern school that is committed to understanding the social and emotional needs of each student in striving to educate the 'whole person'. We believe that it is when students feel safe and valued that they are able to contribute to our community and realize their full potential.

The School has an excellent reputation for providing education of quality to local and overseas students in a safe environment. Our moderate class sizes, easy access to teaching staff, online learning facilities and nationally recognized programs enable our students to achieve their goals and career pathways.

A.D.R.A.O. is a day and boarding for boys and girls, with conducive boarding facilities and limited home-stay facilities available to international students.

 A.D.R.A.O. is a unique school with a strong community and excellent staff. We invite you to join us this school year!

Our Values


A.D.R.A.O. International school places a high importance on relationships with all students of the school community. 
The following values provide a basis for our everyday interactions with each other:

  • Respect – caring about ourselves, others and the environment in which we study, work and live.
  • Resilience – bouncing back from setbacks, keeping things in proportion and learning from mistakes;
  • High expectations – developing a sound study ethic, being a team player and contributing to the best of one’s ability.
  • Confidence - developing self esteem, an open-minded attitude and a positive outlook on life.


Notes for Alumni